designing your website

Designing your site can be fun, tedious or simple - totally up to you. If you allow Big World Outfitters to sit down and walk you through what would be best and sketch out a design with them, then your site will be put together and organized based on your precise details.

STEP 1. Sketch a plan                                     STEP 2. Link destinations                                 STEP 3. BWO makes magic!

IDEA: Before one of our experts stops by your business or organization, you should take some time to think about what you want to have on your site. Think simple as that equals user friendly... usually. Don't oversimplify to the point of confusion, but try to make the layout show off your greatest quality while showing a customer or client that you focus on detail and always aim to do positive. 

Need clients to schedule appointments on your website? 

Betty Lee LMT in Murfreesboro, TN allows her clients to schedule themselves online so that she can concentrate on her customers. The client can even pre-pay for services online using her existing Square account. 


Non Profit Website

Do you operate a non-profit? We can build a customized site for your operation with a .org address. 

Plane Logo.png

Media Website? 

From radio to streaming, we can help you stand out in a positive light. 



It is vital to keep your website active. You should be adding positive stories about recent customer interactions daily. It is also important to add items that visitors to your site will want to see. 

EXAMPLE: If you operate a tire store, make a video of how tires are changed. From the removal of a wheel to the mounting and balancing of the actual tire. "Education of the process" will help customers better understand how much work is involved in a single tire change. That of course equals more patience and lowers your complaint level on how fast the customer "Thinks" a tire change should be.  

VIDEO Example: In the video example, the Rutherford County, TN Property Assessors Office added a video to help users understand what takes place in their office. While most good examples don't come from government offices, this one is a winner. Property assessment can be confusing to residents, so a simplified video helps people to better understand the purpose and reasoning. 

Social media

Another simple idea is to add your social media feed to your company or non-profit website. This adds instant content to your site and allows visitors to know about your FaceBook page, as an example. 

SOCIAL MEDIA                                                           NEWS / PODCAST OR INTERVIEWS


Perhaps you operate a non-profit and want to highlight stories that impact your clients? You could post a photo and then below the picture, feature a recorded audio interview about someones life. 

Below is the audio link, which can also be utilized as a podcast on your site for users to download to their smart phone. 


"Donate" button lets customers help the groups you support:

Make a statement about who your business supports. Or, perhaps you are a non-profit and a donate button is exactly what you need for a special fundraiser. 


2010 Ferrari 458 Italia
170,999.00 175,000.00

Car dealer? 

We can create and manage car dealer pages, which saves you time and money. Plus, we can make one of your vehicels the "Vehicle of the Week" by allowing your new website to feature the special car on the front page of your site. 


Sometimes, social media and a business website can be overwhelming. This is especially true if you intend to sell products on your site and treat it like a secondary store. The good news is that Big World Outfitters can manage your website and social media pages. Contact our sales staff to learn more on media management. Click the "Contact Us" button below.