BASIC Web building and hosting agreement (1st Payment of Monthly Billing)


BASIC Web building and hosting agreement (1st Payment of Monthly Billing)


Big World will design, host and manage your website for one low price each month. The investment allows you to have all the perks, but you’re not having to spend a lump some of money up front. This also allows for your business domain name and all hosting fees to be included. 

Big World will upload five new items or stories to your website once weekly. We can also set your site, depending on the layout and if applicable, to automatically post to one social media
page whenever an update is made. 

This is a contract and you are making the first payment via the Big World Outfitters website. The monthly payment is $500. You will be billed $500 after this first payment monthly. You will be able to pay online - we will email you a bill, or you can pay by check each month after this first payment is made. 

After the first 12 months, the contract automatically renews and billing continues along with the website you are utilizing. After the first 12 months you can cancel with a 30-day written notice that is given to your sales representative or you can call 615-618-1717 and leave a voicemail detailing your web address. You will then get a call back within 48 hours confirming your cancellation. At the end of the 30-day cancellation, you will have the option to buy your website and / or domain. 

Note: We do not "hold" domain names and they eventually go back into general circulation. 

To begin the contract please pay for the first month - by clicking you are agreeing to our 12 month package as a contract - again, billing automatically renews at the end of the first 12 months so there is no disruption in your website.  

I Agree to the Basic Web Design / Hosting / Management Contract at $500 monthly